Thursday, 9 November 2017

In the morning mis ashly said to us the we could blind folde its when you grap a baddy then you have to put you baddy in the front then you blind folde them the you have to giad the person to the blue wall and theres a obsta course so my buddy was paula and he was the first then i was the secured on to go so it was so easy to take him to the blue wall then we had to swap  then it was my turn to go and miss changed the obsta course and i got to the blue wall straight away and then we were finished
in the afternoon we did some art and we were gonna think that it was gonna be boring butt then we had to go in room 8 because miss.m was going to explain what to do and it looked cool when she showed us the painting and it cost 140 million dollars and the man that made that painting was jackson  pollock and miss.m showed us a video that a man tried to make the same panting as  jackson  pollock  and after that we went outside to do some painting  and we went crazy all over it miss m put paint around the tree so we could get them  but then  and then me and kordell got messy then we got super crazy with the piant

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

partner yoga challenge

In class 24.10.17 yesterday we did partner yoga challenge my partner was kordell we were doing
yoga poses. First we had to sit back to back then siting up then we did the next pose was i had to liy dowen on the floor then kordell went on my legs to sit down. Tryed to balens then the next one was miss explandedhow to try and balece correctly but instead we crubeled to the floor
The next one was we were siting on the floor our  legs crossed and our arms extended

Although we were very flexable the whole class was having so much fun they were very boisterous which did’t help whenwe weretrying to meticubusly place our hands and feet

Monday, 16 October 2017

red noes day

in the afternoon we did red nose day and  we celebrated red nose day and we were playing some games and there was one how you have to get into two groups then yo have to have two people guarding the cones with a nordell but you are not allowed to hit them on there face or the back only below the waist and we got split to play and the other team almost won but then we started to get more and they had like 4 cones the next games
the next game was cide of like hooky but we had to stand on colours and we had to call the colour 
your standing on  but our scours is sideways and we had to use noodle and a hooky sticks and the last game is ball tag  and it how we have to split in to two groups and  and its how we can't walk we just have to past the to the person that is on you side     

Monday, 4 September 2017




One fine day there was a man called sione .He was the bravest kid in the world. He was so helpful, he helped people with their homework. The teacher liked him and his pertes to. he had lots of friends. he had  nice black hair and teal blue eyes and he always were his favorite jacket.

One day sione went to the beach and he was walking putting his hand up and looking at the sun . He took a photo of himself on his phone “click”.   He was walking and he tripped on a shell. As he fell, his head hit a rock . He fell into the water. He was unconscious. He floated away, there was a shark but he didn't see it.

These people on a boat went to go. Catch a shark then they saw a person that was sione they put out a net to get him. they got sione on the bout they also got the shark with a spear. they slapped sione in the face then he woke up . the fishermen said we just saved your life man so sione said  “thank you”.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017


Yesterday we did hoppies. We had to get into groups. So my group was
Syariah- lee

Paula. Me so we were doing lego. Sowing. Hand sewing. Trains my group went first and we went to lego and i tried to build a car and it look stupid seriously it was ugly and then i found a boost and then it looked cool and then we had to move up to trains. We builded a long track. And then it was morning tea and then my group went to 3D. My one was nice it said love family by lopi. Then we went to sowing. It was to hard for me. Then miss ashley mum came and help us and then i got good and there was a little hole that  i couldn't get the string in and then she came  and helped me. Then we went to had sowing. With miss ashley and it so hard for me she had to show me like three times and then they had to go. She said who want to do it again and all of us said yes. She said who do you want to do sowing with we said me ashley mum and then they had to go  


Yesterday we went to motat and we had to go into groups and my groups and my group was
Syraiah- lee

Miss ashley and instructor and her name was katherine and she had another faith and she took us to this big circle and she told us that we can go anywhere but with your adult and our adult was miss ashley and we went with and we went to this map and it said 124567 like that to places to go and first we went to got to this house and we went into this door and  had these wheels and we saw some oil and and we had to go and had lunch and we had to go to this room with toys and she said we had to explain the toys and then we get to play and there's a table you can’t touch you can only look at it and then she told us to come and line up in two lines and we had to go and then we had to follow her to the bus and we had to get and we went to back to school and the end

Sunday, 20 August 2017


Today we did pwc with these people and there names are tony caitlyn and abigail and we started doing some games that were fun and they were asking us some questions like who would you lend your staff on and the bad wans who you don’t want to lend it on and and how you should money and how you can save and he gave us some worksheets that we can work and all of us finished them and that we played this game and lydia team won and they went off

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

One day joshua  accidentally open the gate and he was acting like a clown and the elephant and the snake escape from the cage
And joshua yelled out security and he jumped on the churu and the  security  came and got the elephant and the snake and joshua  got a wip and wiped the snake and the elephant and josua said shue shu and the elephant and the snake got back in the cage the end

we are learning to yous ariys


Thursday, 3 August 2017

WALT write haiku poems

i wrote these with Paula

I want to punch you
I clench my fist really tight
Leave me alone please

i want to sing loud
I like to play with my friends
I like to meet others

Give me some space please
tears come streaming down my face
I want to swim today

I run to my room

I hide under the blanket
Sometimes i run far


I don’t want  to touch it yuck
Eww sticky slimy

Get  away from me


Thursday, 22 June 2017

te tuhi

Today we went to te tuhi and we had leder’s and it was shalet and miss ashley and kordell’s dad and we went to this room and  we did painting and drawing and she kept on telling how to  make a tapa and she ask us questions and then she told us what to do after that and then she told us to get in line and she came over in the front of us and she told us if you need to get inside the toilet and she said that can you  hold on to it and on the bus and we said yes and she took us to a movie and it was morai and it was about when they give dirt to other countries and she took us back to sit down  and she said that we have to find the thing that’s in the photo and then we went to school

Tuesday, 20 June 2017


today we made fries and first we had to cut the potatoes in half and thin we had to cut it in little pieces and put it in the bowl with oyole and  then we had to put it on the  grey thing that miss brainy and miss cooked it.  

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

WAL read the on a temperature thermometer

1. explain the words about these
3.put 4 pictures from photos of learning
4. slide shows

heat and measuring

0-freezing pt
100- boiling
26-room temp
37-body temp



Sunday, 11 June 2017

banana bread

today we made banana bread and it was hummy in my tummy and i gave my one to Miss kormal and this is how you make it so


  • 2 to 3 very ripe bananas, peeled
  • 1/3 cup melted butter
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • Pinch of salt
  • 3/4 cup sugar (1/2 cup if you would like it less sweet, 1 cup if more sweet)
  • 1 large egg, beaten
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 1/2 cups of all-purpose flour

Read more:

Thursday, 8 June 2017

why do zoos exist

I think that zoos should exist because animals cant survive in the wild. They helpkeep them safe and they stop the animals from being endangered.

animals cant survive in the wild because people go and hunt for animals and eat them. Animals kill each other like tiger eats deer and predators liketigers, lions, cheetahs and sharks eat prey like deer, fish and seals. 

zoos keep the animals safe. they give them food and water and a cage and a bed and keep them away from predators. and if they are sick they will take them to the vet. 

zoos stop animals from being endangered. The zoos encourage them to have babies.

I think that animals should live in a zoo to be out of danger.

Monday, 22 May 2017

WRL how much sugar is in different drinks

Today we were learning about sugar and the most was 98.0g because it had too much sugar and we kept and rotating around the table different people were putting in the sugar and it was and  water had no sugar because it's healthy and good.
  this is about different people put sugar in and working together to measure the sugar.

fuze tea has 22g and v the drink has 26.5g pure NZ spring water 0g and feijoa has  96g and coke gots 27g of sugar liquid energy has 75g.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

WAL how to read nutritional information

This has 3.5 stars which means it is pretty healthy. 
It has 8.4grams of sugar and 31 mg of sodium. 
490 Kl - Kl means kilojoules. Thats how much energy it has.

Its got lots of vitamins in it. 

It has 1.3grams of total fat. 
It has 2.5grams of protein. 
It has 22.0grams of carbohydrates. 

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Sailing story

yesterday me auckland and angel went in miss ashley car and the other people went in Mrs  Kelly var and  the other people went in Mrs Fepuleai car and we were the last ones to go to sailing and the man Ruben turt us how to set it up and took it dowen with wheels under the boat and we had to line the boat up and we were the last ones to go but first you have to find a buddy and then when we got in the water and he took us far away from home and school and we couldn't Miss ashley and Gavin and till they came and Tasi needed help finding the end of the rope and then when we were all most finish but we had to do something fun called capsizing and it was that we had to hold onto the pole and the other one sit at the back and then lean back into the water and try and flip the boat back over and hop in and it was at Okahu bay.

Monday, 27 March 2017


Today we had no skateboarding because it was cancelled and we were playing line basketball and  I could feel my sweet dripping down my face and we took turn and no one hogged the ball they were playing well and I could here my classroom cheering and we were all trying our best and we were bursting in sweet and some people were bushed in line and humble winner gracious losers and they weren't gracious losers and at the end we all of use were slapping hands and I was a little sleepy.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

WALT mark our writing against a rubric

Today we had no skateboarding because it was cancelled and we were playing line basketball and I could feel my sweat dripping down on my face and we took turn and no one hogged the ball they were playing well and I could here my class room cheering and we were all trying our best and we were bursting in sweat and some people were bushed in line and humble winner gracious losers and they weren't gracious losers and at the end of all of use were slapping hands and I was a little sleepy.

Marking my story!
Structure and Language
Sentence Structure
Total score (add the numbers next to the R’s altogether)
My E-asttle score is … (click here and see what your score is)

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

WALT summarise the main ideas of a text

lopi AMETI summaries

WALT summarise the main ideas in a text

I read the text called …..

Here is the URL for this text..

It was published on 20 days ago

Find and summarise 3 main ideas the text talked about.

This text talked about…
  • Stage 2A of AMETI is designed to replace the Panmure Roundabout with a signalised intersection, replace two of Lagoon Drive's four lanes with a 24-hour two-lane busway, and add a new parallel bridge over the Tamaki River.
  • The new intersection will severely restrict traffic movements out of Jellicoe Road and potentially force more traffic into the Panmure Town Centre. It will also give full priority of movement to buses to and from the east of the Tamaki River over local traffic in Panmure, and also see the transfer of a large part of Panmure's existing bus services to the new Lagoon Drive Busway.
  • Under the proposal, no vehicles from Jellicoe Road will be able to access Lagoon Drive, Ireland Road or the Ellerslie-Panmure Highway. Vehicles will be forced to find other routes - mainly by forcing their way through the Panmure Shopping Centre!

Because they are blocking jellicoe road the car has to go through queens road and cause


lopi AMETI summaries

WALT summarise the main ideas in a text

I read the text called Busway for east Auckland a step closer

Here is the URL for this text

It was published on  7 April 2016

Find and summarise 3 main ideas the text talked about.

This text talked about…

  • Fasta bus that come on time
  • There will be lans just for cars and buses
  • There will be separate lanes bikes and bus  and cars

Reflection -

It will be fasta for it to be separate

lopi AMETI summaries

WALT summarise the main ideas in a text

I read the text called panmure overview

Here is the URL for this text

It was published on it doesn't say

Find and summarise 3 main ideas the text talked about.

This text talked about…
  • They fixed the panmure train station
  • They are making another bridge
  • There making a foot bridge

They are try to make people ride bikes

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Game Review week 4

WALT: I am learning to critically evaluate a game

Your name: lopi

I played the game: monopoly
Made by:waddingtons
I played this game with: my friend

The purpose of this game is to (Hint: how do you win this game?): whoEver get the most money wins and the other people loses

My favourite thing about this game was:you get money

One thing I didn’t like about this game was:that i didn't land on the bank one

This game is good to play with a friend because:because he's my friend and if there are lots of people you have to wait long time

I would rate this game 6  out of 10 because: i really cool a little bit

If I could recommend something to make this game better, it would be:make it with more money
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