Tuesday, 21 March 2017

lopi AMETI summaries

WALT summarise the main ideas in a text

I read the text called …..

Here is the URL for this text..


It was published on 20 days ago

Find and summarise 3 main ideas the text talked about.

This text talked about…
  • Stage 2A of AMETI is designed to replace the Panmure Roundabout with a signalised intersection, replace two of Lagoon Drive's four lanes with a 24-hour two-lane busway, and add a new parallel bridge over the Tamaki River.
  • The new intersection will severely restrict traffic movements out of Jellicoe Road and potentially force more traffic into the Panmure Town Centre. It will also give full priority of movement to buses to and from the east of the Tamaki River over local traffic in Panmure, and also see the transfer of a large part of Panmure's existing bus services to the new Lagoon Drive Busway.
  • Under the proposal, no vehicles from Jellicoe Road will be able to access Lagoon Drive, Ireland Road or the Ellerslie-Panmure Highway. Vehicles will be forced to find other routes - mainly by forcing their way through the Panmure Shopping Centre!

Because they are blocking jellicoe road the car has to go through queens road and cause


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