Wednesday, 30 August 2017


Yesterday we did hoppies. We had to get into groups. So my group was
Syariah- lee

Paula. Me so we were doing lego. Sowing. Hand sewing. Trains my group went first and we went to lego and i tried to build a car and it look stupid seriously it was ugly and then i found a boost and then it looked cool and then we had to move up to trains. We builded a long track. And then it was morning tea and then my group went to 3D. My one was nice it said love family by lopi. Then we went to sowing. It was to hard for me. Then miss ashley mum came and help us and then i got good and there was a little hole that  i couldn't get the string in and then she came  and helped me. Then we went to had sowing. With miss ashley and it so hard for me she had to show me like three times and then they had to go. She said who want to do it again and all of us said yes. She said who do you want to do sowing with we said me ashley mum and then they had to go  


Yesterday we went to motat and we had to go into groups and my groups and my group was
Syraiah- lee

Miss ashley and instructor and her name was katherine and she had another faith and she took us to this big circle and she told us that we can go anywhere but with your adult and our adult was miss ashley and we went with and we went to this map and it said 124567 like that to places to go and first we went to got to this house and we went into this door and  had these wheels and we saw some oil and and we had to go and had lunch and we had to go to this room with toys and she said we had to explain the toys and then we get to play and there's a table you can’t touch you can only look at it and then she told us to come and line up in two lines and we had to go and then we had to follow her to the bus and we had to get and we went to back to school and the end

Sunday, 20 August 2017


Today we did pwc with these people and there names are tony caitlyn and abigail and we started doing some games that were fun and they were asking us some questions like who would you lend your staff on and the bad wans who you don’t want to lend it on and and how you should money and how you can save and he gave us some worksheets that we can work and all of us finished them and that we played this game and lydia team won and they went off

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

One day joshua  accidentally open the gate and he was acting like a clown and the elephant and the snake escape from the cage
And joshua yelled out security and he jumped on the churu and the  security  came and got the elephant and the snake and joshua  got a wip and wiped the snake and the elephant and josua said shue shu and the elephant and the snake got back in the cage the end

we are learning to yous ariys


Thursday, 3 August 2017

WALT write haiku poems

i wrote these with Paula

I want to punch you
I clench my fist really tight
Leave me alone please

i want to sing loud
I like to play with my friends
I like to meet others

Give me some space please
tears come streaming down my face
I want to swim today

I run to my room

I hide under the blanket
Sometimes i run far


I don’t want  to touch it yuck
Eww sticky slimy

Get  away from me