Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Freestyle writing

WALT:Freestyle writing an image
Today my teacher was miss komor because my teacher went to a sports event my teacher asked us to write a story about a picture.this is what i wrote.tell me what you think in the comments below.

The wind rushed through her hair as she descended the mountain at the greatest speed. for most children this will be an exhilarated evan terrifying experience but for lucy it was just ordinary. journey to school

She lives in the mountains with the bears. when she got to school everyone will bully her do so she back up to the mountains and never came back???????.

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

fidget spinner's should be allowed in class

                   Fidget spinner’s
I belive that Fidget spinner should be not allowed in class because they stop people from learning and they won't listen to their teacher

I disagree that fidget spinners should be allowed in class because people won’t learn and everyone will be distracted.

I agree that fidget spinners should be allowed in class because they can help me control their hands so they don’t hurt others.

My first reason is The fidget spinner should Be allowed in school Cause  If you fight you can straight away bring the figet spiner out of you pocket and then fidget with it.

My second reason is
My third reason is

In my opinion fidget spinner should not be allowed because they will show it to each other and not listen to the teacher.

Although I have spoken about how fidget spinners can distract students, they do have a good side. My next opinion is that fidget spinners will help people calm down if they are angry.

Perhaps if fidget spinners weren’t invented, a fidget cube still exists so the problem would still be there.
Every kid should know how to swim

I belive that every child should be able to learn how to swim at every school.

I agree that children should learn how to swim because NZ has lots of beaches and you might drown.

In my opinion, it is the responsibility of both the school and the families to teach their children how to swim.

Clearly it is important for every child to learn to swim. However, it can be very expensive if you go to the pools. In light of this, it is free for all NZ schools to teach their kids to swim.

Maybe every child in the whole world should learn to swim because when they have no food to eat they would not Be able to swim at the Beach So they can go diving and catch them some fish for There family

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

partner yoga

Today 17th of october It was raining evrey one was running inside. Room 7 did partner yoga miss Ashley said to the girl’s to “push aside the tables and the boys put the chair’s and the back”. Miss Ashley said “are you ready” room 7 repliad “yes miss”.

Miss Ashley put up the next photo it was easy because
You had to put you legs in the middle then you had to hold hand’s. The next one was pretty hard cause you lie down and then you have to put your knees up then you partner come’s she/he face’s you body up.

The next one is you have to have three two have to put knee’s together then the theered person has to do  hand stand on you knee’s.