Thursday, 15 March 2018

walk to mokoia park

today we went for a walk to different bridges and this bridges
was the 2 bridges that was made and the first bridge that was made the bridge was a wooden bridg   

then we went to the panmure yacht club and there was a wharf  

then we went to this place and there was a church here and we went to go and read it  

this is where to and there was a cemetery and the church was next to us

Sunday, 25 February 2018

golden chiled

This morning room 7 we went for p.e. then we lined up quitly at the door then we walk quitly but. We could hear a littel   Nosiey. then we went on the bottom cort then we were voteing. year 5 vs year 6

Or girls vs boys. and then it was  girls vs boy. so then the girls was shooting the basketball and the boys were running. then the boys won the first. round then we swaped over then the boys were shooting and then it was then. girls turn to run then the girls won then it was a tie and i felt happy.  

Sunday, 18 February 2018

rollar costar

Today we went for a trip then we went to the rolar corstar then we went inside the cart then went back and forth then we went to hi then we twisted then the we went to fast then we went in circles then we keeped and going at the Station then we went back and forth Again then we stopped then we hopped out carfolly the end.