Thursday, 9 November 2017

In the morning mis ashly said to us the we could blind folde its when you grap a baddy then you have to put you baddy in the front then you blind folde them the you have to giad the person to the blue wall and theres a obsta course so my buddy was paula and he was the first then i was the secured on to go so it was so easy to take him to the blue wall then we had to swap  then it was my turn to go and miss changed the obsta course and i got to the blue wall straight away and then we were finished
in the afternoon we did some art and we were gonna think that it was gonna be boring butt then we had to go in room 8 because miss.m was going to explain what to do and it looked cool when she showed us the painting and it cost 140 million dollars and the man that made that painting was jackson  pollock and miss.m showed us a video that a man tried to make the same panting as  jackson  pollock  and after that we went outside to do some painting  and we went crazy all over it miss m put paint around the tree so we could get them  but then  and then me and kordell got messy then we got super crazy with the piant

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

partner yoga challenge

In class 24.10.17 yesterday we did partner yoga challenge my partner was kordell we were doing
yoga poses. First we had to sit back to back then siting up then we did the next pose was i had to liy dowen on the floor then kordell went on my legs to sit down. Tryed to balens then the next one was miss explandedhow to try and balece correctly but instead we crubeled to the floor
The next one was we were siting on the floor our  legs crossed and our arms extended

Although we were very flexable the whole class was having so much fun they were very boisterous which did’t help whenwe weretrying to meticubusly place our hands and feet

Monday, 16 October 2017

red noes day

in the afternoon we did red nose day and  we celebrated red nose day and we were playing some games and there was one how you have to get into two groups then yo have to have two people guarding the cones with a nordell but you are not allowed to hit them on there face or the back only below the waist and we got split to play and the other team almost won but then we started to get more and they had like 4 cones the next games
the next game was cide of like hooky but we had to stand on colours and we had to call the colour 
your standing on  but our scours is sideways and we had to use noodle and a hooky sticks and the last game is ball tag  and it how we have to split in to two groups and  and its how we can't walk we just have to past the to the person that is on you side