Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Sailing story

yesterday me auckland and angel went in miss ashley car and the other people went in Mrs  Kelly var and  the other people went in Mrs Fepuleai car and we were the last ones to go to sailing and the man Ruben turt us how to set it up and took it dowen with wheels under the boat and we had to line the boat up and we were the last ones to go but first you have to find a buddy and then when we got in the water and he took us far away from home and school and we couldn't Miss ashley and Gavin and till they came and Tasi needed help finding the end of the rope and then when we were all most finish but we had to do something fun called capsizing and it was that we had to hold onto the pole and the other one sit at the back and then lean back into the water and try and flip the boat back over and hop in and it was at Okahu bay.